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Review games


[05/27/2013 23:29]

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Period 5 & Period 6 Students,

Please play this Word Shoot Game to review vocabulary for Lesson 8.

Please click "PLAY" to start , then choose "word shoot" to play.

PLease tell Yehlaoshi your score at the comment area.   Have fun!!!!!

Click here for larger version

Re: Review games

[2013-05-28 14:41]  |  佳宜

谢谢, this was a fun game! My scores were:
Level 1: 32
Level 2: 72
Level 3: 106

Re: Review games

[2013-05-28 18:00]  |  家仁

it said file not found so I couldn't do it.

Re: Review games

[2013-05-28 19:33]  |  di li er

Xie xie yehlaoshi! This was a fun game! My final score was 157.

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