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Occupations Review


[02/18/2012 07:22]

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Dear students,

Please click on the picture to play a memory game to review occupations.

Re: Occupations Review

[2012-02-18 21:29]  |  Ming Chuan

The game is hard! It took me 10 tries to do it!

Re: Occupations Review

[2012-02-23 18:08]  |  ji yuan

This game was challenging but it really helped. Xie xie!!

Re: Occupations Review

[2012-02-24 14:42]  | Peng Lili

This game was very hard, but it was helpful! :D

Re: Occupations Review

[2012-02-26 16:21]  |  You Wen

this game was very fun and helpful but I could barely hear one i forget what it was though.

Re: Occupations Review

[2012-02-27 15:55]  |  ai fen

This game was hard, seeing as I could barely hear the words, but I got it in around 10 tries..... I'm gonna try again!!!
Thanks Yehlaoshi!!

Re: Occupations Review

[2012-02-27 17:44]  |  Kang Nan

This game was very helpful to me on knowing the jobs for the quiz tomorrow. I'm still having trouble on recognizing a couple such as engineer...
But on the other hand, thanks for the post Yehlaoshi!!!

answer this post

[2012-03-31 07:12]  | DeidreOrr26

not bad column on how to maintain term paper help hobby setup. I didn't know you could do this but you comprehend something new everyday.

The game

[2012-04-25 07:07]  |  Nini

Hi Yeh laoshi,
Can you share how to do this game to any teachers? I would like to know how to do it?



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