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Lion Dance


[02/01/2011 03:45]

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Dear students,

This is the lion dance I picked for you.

The performance is amusing.  Enjoy!

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Chinese Video

[2010-02-13 10:20]  |  Lai Yi Fang (Ivanca)

Dear Yeh Lao Shi,
That video was really cool. I really liked when it stood up and then jumped.

To Ivanca

[2010-02-16 20:31]  |  yehlaoshi

It is a wonderful performance. Actually, according to the conversation in the video, that was a competition.


[2010-02-21 17:30]  |  Madelyn

That was so cool!!!! I really liked it when the lion stood up and jumped, and he was on poles or beams, which is also cool! To bad I couldn't watch the whole thing. But what I saw was cool!

Re: Lion Dance

[2010-02-22 00:48]  |  yehlaoshi

I'm glad that you like it. This video is really cool!

Re: Lion Dance

[2010-02-22 15:57]  |  Amanda

That is was so cool it was also pretty funny

Re: Lion Dance

[2010-02-22 15:58]  |  Amanda

i remember seeing this at a chinese show I saw

Re: Lion Dance

[2010-02-22 17:54]  |  lauren maranto

WOW, THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! how do people do that! thy were almost on top of each other! i noticed that it was gold.

To Lauren

[2010-02-22 18:03]  |  yehlaoshi2


I told you that it was awesome!!
Please tell the others if they have not got a chance to watch this video. Thanks!

Lion Dance

[2010-02-22 21:40]  |  Stacy K

I never new lions could jump like that. This is cool!

To Stacy

[2010-02-22 22:58]  |  yehlaoshi

Lion dance is very festive to Chinese and other Asians. They are not real lions though.....

Re: Lion Dance

[2010-02-23 18:56]  |  Ellis fields-Huggan

this lion dance was very interesting it was very good

To Ellis

[2010-02-23 19:23]  |  yehlaoshi2


I'm happy to see you here....

Chinese new years party!

[2010-02-23 19:38]  |  Edward Daher

I can't wait for the party! I now have a idea about what Luke and me have to when we are under the dragon! Funny haha.... can't wait!

To Eddie

[2010-02-23 20:24]  |  yehlaoshi2


I'm looking forward to the party too. I think you're going to have lots of fun there.

Re: Lion Dance

[2010-02-24 20:18]  |  olivia

wow that was really cool i wish i could do that job! but it must of took a lot of time to practice that! i remember you telling us about the lion dance tradition! Also after we preform is there going to be loud music like that! i hope so! can't wait

Re: Lion Dance

[2011-02-01 19:31]  |  hao4 min2

i really like the dragon dance like the one i did at Chinese school but this one is better

Re: Lion Dance

[2011-02-01 19:39]  |  hao4 min2

wow i like the lion dance its really nice

Re: Lion Dance

[2011-02-02 09:28]  |  Wei2 Li4

that was AMAZING. it must take years to practice that lion dance

Re: Lion Dance

[2011-02-02 09:29]  |  Wei2 Li4

that was AMAZING. it must take years to practice that lion dance

Re: Lion Dance

[2011-02-02 09:29]  |  Wei2 Li4

that was AMAZING. it must take years to practice that lion dance

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