Song-找朋友( Find a friend)


[02/04/2011 12:36]

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This song "找朋友-Find a friend" is from China, a little different from what I sing in Taiwan.


找找找,(find, find,find a friend, )

到一朋友, ( find a good friend,)

個禮,(saluting or nodding your head,)

,(holding hands)

你是我的好朋友.(You are my best friend.)

找找找朋友,(Find, find,find a friend,)

找到一個好朋友 ( Find a good friend,)

笑嘻嘻, ( smiling)

點點頭, (nodding heads)

大家都是我的好朋友.(Everyone is my best friend.)

Unfortunately, I can't find a video of the Taiwan version. Here I can only put the music of mine here. 


找找找找, ( Find, find, find, find,)

找到一個朋友, (find a friend,)

行個禮啊, (Saluting)

手啊, (Holding hands,)

笑嘻嘻啊, ( Smiling,)

轉個圓, ( Turning around)

個圓, (Turning around)

再見! (Good bye!)


If you find my translation error and strange, please let me know. Thank you !


Song-找朋友( Find a friend) - May's Mandarin Teaching & Learning Lab

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