CACC Activity Calendar

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SubjectHost Organization
Jan 28 Chinese New Year CelebrationCCC
Feb Spring CelebrationDTCC
Feb Chinese New Year CelebrationCCYF & CCLS
Feb Income Tax Filing Assistance CACC
Feb Investment Seminar & Vacation PlanningRMCSSE & CCC
Mar Income Tax Filing Assistance CACC
Apr 9Health FairCACC
May 14Model Mother CelebrationDCCC
May Youth Foundation Leadership ConferenceCYFC

Jul 21, 22Colorado Dragon Boat FestivalCACC
AugustAnnual ConferenceRMCSSE
Sept Mid Autumn FestivalDCCC
Oct Double Ten CelebrationDTCC
Oct Fall Health FairCACC
Dec Annual BanquetCACC


CACC History & Services

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About the Chinese American Council of Colorado


Chinese American Council of Colorado (CACC) is a Colorado registered non-profit organization. It was established in 1997 to promote cooperation and communication among all Asian Pacific American organizations in Colorado. It serves as an umbrella organization for Chinese American community to plan various business, professional, health, and culture events with Chinese American community organizations and other ethnic groups in Colorado.


Serving the Community

CACC provides services in the following areas:

  • Promote intercultural exchange with other Asian Pacific American organizations
  • Use artistic and cultural means to address social issues, such as prejudice and racism
  • Foster civic responsibility and community involvement Host seminars on health problem and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Collaborate with health organizations to provide physical examinations and immunizations to lower income and elderly members of the community



2012 CACC Officers and Board Members 2012 科州中華會館理事會

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Sophia Cheng 黃少華 --  President  理事長

Naili Yee 王乃莉 --  Vice President  副理事長

Jim Chiang 蔣俊敏  --  Treasurer  財務  Representing Colorado Chinese Club 科州中華聯誼會代表

Sylvia Edgar 蔡淑敏 --  Secretary  秘書

Paul Cheng & Jason Chen  鄭傳海 及 陳俊興 --  Auditors 監事



CACC Organization Members 組織成員

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 Chinese American Council of American has several organization members.  They are--

  • *    科州中華聯誼會Colorado Chinese Club
  • *    科州中文學校Colorado Chinese Language School
  • *    丹佛中華文化中心Denver Chinese Culture Center
  • *    科州雙十委員會Double Tenth Celebration Committee of Colorado
  • *    科工會Rocky Mountain Chinese Society of Science and Engineering


President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

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Chinese American Council of Colorado has a long proud history of volunteer service.  Our volunteers are working to meet the needs of our community.  In recognition of these outstanding achievements, we are proud to announce the availability of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, a prestigious national honor offered in recognition of volunteer commitment.  Established in 2003, this new Award is given by the President of the United States and honors individuals, families and groups who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service over the course of 12 months.